Postdoc or Research Assistant

Protein cages for templating magnetic nanoparticles

Salary: Postdoc (PhD graduate or near completion) - $100K + $30K benefits p.a. | Research Assistant (at least 1-2 years full time research experience) - $80K + 24K benefits p.a.

Start date: Aug/Sep 2022 (basically ASAP)

Duration: Initially funded for 15 months, with possibility for extension

Who we are looking for:
Essential skills
- experience in recombinant protein expression and purification
- proficiency in standard molecular biology, biochemistry, or synthetic biology lab techniques (e.g. cloning, SDS-PAGE)
- meticulous record keeping and organisation
- effective written and verbal communication skills to work in a collaborative team setting

Desirable skills (but we can teach you these on the job)
- familiarity with purification of large protein complexes (e.g. virus-like particles)
- experience with nanoparticle characterisation (e.g. TEM, DLS, MALS)

Interested? The official job posting is not yet live, but email Yu Heng first to express your interest and find out more. Please attach a CV and brief explanation about why you are interested!

- - - - -

Project description: We have a new collaborative DARPA-funded project on using encapsulin protein cages to template the formation of magnetic nanoparticles.

Your role in the project will be to design, express, and purify engineered encapsulins that can template the precipitation of rare-earth elements. We have a range of templating motifs that will be displayed on the internal and external surfaces of different sized encapsulin cages to template hybrid materials in a range of different sizes and compositions.

The materials synthesis will then be done in collaboration with Dr Nicholas Bedford at the University of New South Wales and their magnetic properties will be analysed by Prof. Valeri Petkov at Central Michigan University.