Join us!

We are always interested in welcoming enthusiastic and talented individuals with different skills and diverse backgrounds to join our team!

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate, Honours student, visiting Masters student, PhD candidate or postdoc, feel free to email Yu Heng to learn more about our research and the current opportunities available.

For PhD/postdoc candidates, please include the following information:
1. A brief explanation of why you are interested in joining
2. Your CV (highlight any relevant research experience/skills)
3. A copy of your full academic transcript
4. Potential funding sources you can apply for

We are particularly keen to support outstanding students and researchers for their scholarship/fellowship applications. Deadlines are often well before the start date, so make sure to contact us as early as possible!

Undergradutes/Honours: Prospective Honours students can find out more about Honours in Chemistry on the university website, and our projects can also be found here. Undergraduates can join the group to conduct research through the Dalyell Program (DL, formerly the Talented Students Program) and the Denison summer scholarships program. Student volunteers who have significant time available to dedicate towards research are also welcome.

PhD applicants: For Australian students, fees and stipend can often be covered by the government under the Research Training Program.

For international and local applicants, there are also numerous scholarships available.

Postdoctoral researchers: For international applicants, it is noteworthy that postdocs in Australia actually get paid a very reasonable salary compared to most other countries in the world.

Fellowship funding is also available through a variety of other sources, each with their own requirements (usually geographical). Examples include Marie Curie fellowships (Europe) and JSPS fellowships (Japan), but there are many more.

Visitors: We welcome all manner of visiting researchers! European Masters students are particularly welcome to get in touch.